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A Little About Lakeside Engineering.


Lakeside Engineering was started in 1996 by Tim Baker, The idea was to offer a more affordable alternative to the official lotus dealer network, which over the last ten years has proved very popular. We have a vast experience of Lotus Cars but also with SAAB, Honda, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and more recently Porsche.


Whilst the vast majority of our work is with the modern models whether that be a Lotus Elise, Boxster or 996, much of the knowledge and skills required to maintain and repair earlier models have all but disappeared from the dealer network and the motor trade in general, as a result we do see many early models including Elan's and Europa's from the 60''s and 70's.


When it comes to Esprit's our experience and knowledge is probably second to none in the area, whether that be a naturally aspirated, turbo charged, fuel injected or V8 we will have the expertises to service or repair your vehicle to your requirements.


Parts Supply and Location.

We can supply any parts need for the repair and service of your vehicle, we can also offer alternative parts where we feel that alternative parts are at least as good as the manufactures supplied parts and where a genuine financial saving can be made. In recent years Lotus have reduced there parts support for earlier models, this is not isolated to vehicles of the 60's and 70's many parts for vehicles of the 80's and 90's such as Esprits and M100 Elan's have become obsolete recently. Thankfully due to our experience and huge network of supplies we very seldom fail to find the required parts to keep your vehicle on the road, Whether that be a new, used or reconditioned part.



Customer Feed Back.


4th May 2011


Dear Tim,




Many thanks for the work you carried out on my Esprit, your expertise and friendly approach is a breath of fresh air, when it comes to dealing with garages.


I have been using the car almost every day, and it has been running without any problems, but i haven't travelled too far with it, as i did expect it to embarrass me, but so far so good.


I discovered why it was so reluctant to start, which was a bad crimp connection from the battery to the starter solenoid, which since replacing has performed well, as well as you would expect from an Esprit anyway.


I have no doubt I will be knocking on your door again for more work/repairs/service, and will reconnend you to anyone who ever asks that question.


Many thanks again.


Kind regards


Martin Ferrett.