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Porsche Products


Porsche IMS Failure.


For information on Porsche 996 & Boxster Intermediate bearing failure and preventative please see Porsche IMS Failure please feel free to give us a ring to discuss your requirements


Powerflex Bushes.


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We are increasingly finding as the cars get older the rubber suspension bushes are loosing there ability to control movement in the suspension arm allowing the geometry to be constantly changing, by fitting Powerflex bushes the suspension is constantly held in its correct position without the degrading of the ride quality you can experienced with some replacement nylon bushes.



Porsche Cayenne Propshaft Repair.


We can now offer a repair for the reasonably common problem of the centre support bearing failure on the Cayenne prop shaft. When the bearing fails it causes a loud knocking noise from the centre of the vehicle roughly below the centre arm rest between the two front seats. Previously you have only been able to buy a complete new shaft from Porsche at a cost of over £600 plus VAT. In our experience there is little wrong with the rest of the shaft, just a failed bearing, we can offer an exchange shaft (providing yours in serviceable condition) or we can remove and repair yours or if this fault has occurred somewhere else and your vehicle is off the road, you can brings your along to us and we will strip and repair it while you wait


Porsche Cayenne Servicing and Repair.


See Service Porsche


Porsche 996, Boxster and 997 Brake Caliper Repaint.


Over a period of time the combined affects the heat cycles of the brakes, road salt and wheel cleaning products take there toll on the appearance of the brake callipers which with the design of many Porsche road wheels are very visible. This can be rectified in one of two ways, you can buy new brake callipers, alternatively we can remove strip, clean and repaint your originals, which includes new Porsche decals which are fitted during the process of painting and lacquered over to prevent them peeling off. There is an additional cost to remove, refit & bleed the brake system.



Brake Calliper Pre RepaintBrake Calliper RepaintedBrake Calliper RepaintedBrake Calliper Pre Repaint 


The callipers can be repainted in any colour you require, but we would recommend black, red or perhaps yellow