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Body Repairs & Paint Work.


We can carry out all types of body repairs and paint work, whether that be touching in some small stone chips, a body repair to a complete repaint. We have a vast experience of repairing  glass fibre, plastics, steel and alloys. We carry out repairs for most major insurance companies.  


We will always do our best to reduce the hassle of getting your car repaired back to it original condition, we will produce an estimate, fax or email it directly to your insurance company and deal directly with the insurance companies engineer to agree the cost of the repair of your vehicle back to its pre accident condition.


It is usually best for us to see the damage in person, but if this is not convenient, you can email us some good quality pictures and we will do our very best to prepare an estimate from them.


If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that renders your vehicle un-driveable we can arrange very quickly to have the vehicle collected and bought straight back to us for an estimate to be prepared, we will in the first instance pay the recovery charge and claim it back directly from the relevant  insurance company.


The pictures below show a Elise follow a small knock to the passenger side front.


Damaged Elise  Damaged Elise


Following a few days in our body shop and paint shop this is the result achieved


Repaired Elise  Repaired Elise