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Glass Replacement 


Whilst windscreen replacement on what we refer to as ordinary cars (i.e. normal production cars) is relatively straight forward, a windscreen replacement is a far more specialist job on a hand built vehicle, as every one varies a little and in the case of Elise's and Exige's it involves releasing  the front clam shell to allow good access to the bottom of the screen. With other earlier models of Lotus's fitting a screen can be a real work of art to get them fitting properly and correctly.


Replacement of door glass on the Lotus Elan is another job where experience is a must, not only to insure the window operates correctly afterwards but also insuring that all the broken glass is removed, this is of the up most importance because if it is left over a period of time the small pieces of glass will rub thought the middle of the out skin of the door causing several hundreds of pounds worth of damage.


Lotus Elise S1 door glass's have a very annoying habit of braking away from there mountings and often dropping to the bottom of the door, where as many people including some dealers just fit a new drop glass, we repair the original one by bonding the mounts back onto the glass with a much more ply able glue so reducing the chances of it happening again. Keeping the side window rubber lubricated is of the up most importance and will greatly reduce the chances of failure in the first place, we would recommend spraying them regularly or at least when ever they get stiff with a good silicone lubricate.


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