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Lotus 907 Engine.



Lotus 907 and It's Derivatives.


The Lotus 907 Engine as it has come to be known has been used in many Lotus's as well as other vehicle, its was developed at the beginning of the 70's based around the dimensions of a Vauxhall engine but with an alloy block, head and sump, with cast iron wet liners. The engine is inclined at an angle of 45 deg. lowering the centre of gravity and giving the potential for the bonnet line to be lower. The 907 engine has had an unusually long life span of nearly thirty years with power output going from 120bhp to 300hp in the Esprit Sport 300, but not only that Lotus managed to keep up with changes in emission requirements even meeting the tough requirements for California.


907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine Rebuild


It started life in 1972 in the Jenson Healey in its 1973cc form, as was the way with Lotus the development of the engine was perhaps not quite completed and as a result Jenson owners suffered some reliability issues. The engine has gone onto be used in many different vehicles over the years including the Lotus Elite, Esprit, Excel and the Lotus Sunbeam, It became a 2.2 litre (2174cc) at the beginning of the eighties and eventually went back to a 2 Litre at the end of the nineties to use up the engines produced for the Italian market where engines with a capacity above 2 Litre are very heavily taxed.


Lotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine Rebuild


Over the last thirty years these and many other engines have become more and more reliable, this is in no small part due to the developments in oil technology. So with regular servicing including regular cam-belt changes, it is not unusual to see Lotus's with excess of 100,000 miles having never had the engine repaired, but like all mechanical components they do eventually wear out.


Lotus 907 Engine Rebuild907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine RebuildLotus 907 Engine Rebuild


We have been repairing and rebuilding Lotus 907 engines for over twenty years, so if you have a Lotus 907 Engine and feel its getting a little tired why not give us a ring and discuss the options or arrange to bring it in and we can check it over, carry out a compression check and perhaps a cylinder leakage test and we can decide on the way forward. 01932 340003