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Vehicle Geometry


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Geometry Equipment

Vehicle geometry or alignment has become increasingly important with the increasingly elaborate suspension system, in years gone bye there was very little in the way of adjustments on road car suspension, usually just the front track and perhaps the front caster. These days with multi link front and rear suspension everything is adjustable. The correct alignment has very positive results it reduces tyre ware and fuel consumption but more importantly to most of our customers it insures the vehicle handles to it optimum. With the condition of the roads these days it is increasingly easy to knock the alignment out and with this in mind having the alignment checked is something that should be done on a regular basic, perhaps every year or so.


Wheel Clamp

Here at Lakeside Engineering we are fortunate to have access to the very latest Geometry equipment, it is the Hunter DSP600 which costs in excess of twenty thousand pounds. It is an incredible accurate machine, so much so on windy days we have to work with the door shut to insure consistent reading. it allows us to measure very small adjust so insuring very consistent result. The equipment clamps to the tyres and uses nylon posts to align the equipment to the wheel so insuring the wheels are not chipped or scratched unlike many systems that clamp directly to the wheels with metal brackets.


Our charge for a full geometry check and set up which includes in the case of Elise's and Exige's includes any shims required, is a very competitive £130.00 +VAT